A downloadable game for Windows

Destiny Of The Cubes takes basics of classics RTS games, adding original elements to create a unique game experience.
Go discovery huge procedural maps, gather resources, build your city, fight monsters and defeat opposing factions in epic battles for domination of the world.

Features :
- Large map, procedurally generated.
- 11 buildings, with many improvements.
- No population cap / Few micromanagement.
- Day / Night Cycle.
- Fight against dragons to recover relics of fire and ice that allow produce energy of fire or ice to access special upgrades.
- Fight spiders, collect their eggs and use them against opposing factions.
- 4 game modes (Normal, Survival, Domination and Score Rush) and many customization settings.
- Customizing your Kings with many Powers and Bonus.

Install instructions

Launch oalinst.exe to install OpenAL.
Launch to Destiny_Of_The_Cubes.exe for start the game.
If it does not work contatc us !


Destiny_Of_The_Cubes_Alpha3.0_Free.zip 155 MB